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You are using many apps and wearables,

but your personal data is scattered


Lacking context and perspective,

your data gives you limited insight


Built on the top of, Lab empowers you to collect, browse and share your data selectively and at a glance


Unite your data

Where's your personal data today?
Capture photos, notes, positions, files, measures and just about any data into one single, personal space you can feel safe about.


Connect apps, devices & services

Sync your apps, devices and services to get the big picture. Add further context by connecting weather, news and other public sources.

Our open API is there for developers to build great apps respecting your privacy.


Imagine and visualize

You've got your data. Now view it in context.
Pryv's dynamic visualisation allows you to select any data streams and time frame, and view it all on a single screen. Browse and combine your streams as you wish to gain insight and meaning.


Share selectively

Your data is yours but you might want others to view it, or even contribute to it. Pryv allows you to selectively share streams: your running sessions, weight and mood with your trainer; your travel logs, kids photos and notes with Grandma. You can even share on social networks and keep ownership of your data.


Choose ownership and control

What about privacy?
Data is stored where you decide (currently 5 locations worldwide)—because Pryv is decentralized, just like the Internet. We handle it with utmost care and respect for privacy. Pryv is HIPAA compliant (HIPAA is the official US standard for privacy and security of personal health information).

We won't make a profit out of your personal data, we'll make a profit by putting you in control of it.

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