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Your sensitive data management, sorted out.
Now focus on your

medical_gradeMedical grade storage

medical_gradeOpen Source friendly

medical_gradeSimple & flexible 
access control

Are you wishing for a back-end solution you can trust?
Need effortless connectivity to any source, medical-grade data transmission and storage?
We think we can help.


A safe home for sensitive data

Pryv is HIPAA privacy & security compliant and under certification with ISO 27001. The platform’s unique decentralized design makes it easy to comply with multiple healthcare legislations and policies.

Data ownership done right

Give your users control over access permissions and sharing of their own data. Each user’s data is stored separately and privately, possibly in a different location.


Universal & smart data structure

Collect & exchange any kind of timestamped data, including files. Organize things the way you need them into a simple yet powerful structure of streams and tags.
Get real-time updates (and RPC) via web sockets.

Fast development

We built Pryv from day one as an open platform, with Open Source libraries, apps and documentation.
Developers start building apps with real-time and offline capabilities in a matter of hours.



Ask us for customized features and connectors to fit your needs.
Rely on our experienced team to accompany you on legislation, certification and hosting issues.

Trust a state-of-the-art software solution and get back to developing value to your client, based on their data, whilst respecting the various data privacy regulations and customer demands.

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