e-Health Middleware

Pryv supports its business partners in growing their business along the patient journey

Digital transformation is impacting the health industry with the opportunity to provide better healthcare patient-centric services. The multiplication of eHealth and connected medical devices provides better healthcare services, patient empowerment and freedom, personalized treatment and medicine, point-of-care anywhere.

Technical Innovation in healthcare should be able to provide the patient with the ability to request and receive access to his personal, health and medical files at any time and despite his location. We provide a scalable software solution and industry expertise to enable our customers to deploy innovative eHealth solutions within a few days and saved IT resources.

Significant Challenges remain to be solved

The digital healthcare ecosystem is composed of multiple devices and services that communicate using different data formats. Data needs to be structured in a way that allows to manipulate it regardless of the collection means and future usage.

Health data requires to be transferred without the risk of eavesdropping, loss or modification by an unauthorized 3rd party. The storage location requires to be secured, hosted on a trusted infrastructure.
Patient data needs to be distributed to multiple actors of the healthcare system with the appropriate access rights and data ownership needs to comply with the legal environment.

We push the market boundaries for our customers

Our eHealth middleware allows patients, medical doctors, pharma companies, CROs and hospitals to easily transfer longitudinal health records, medical and clinical data securely in real-time.

Having this process of data collection, structuring and storing in place, it is important to further enable the social interoperability, giving the patient the possibility to distribute partly or not his personal data to the different recipients.

The foundations of eHealth businesses

We allow our customers to focus on developing their business specific applications by providing the right data management tools. Our software is validated and implemented in order to enable compliant usage of patient data within his consent in a secure environment. Using an innovative ontology for data collection and structure respecting data privacy and security is key.

Furthermore, to meet the legal and compliance requirements for sensitive personal and health data management, the ownership of the data has to be defined at a granular level.
Our back­end software is compliant with the technical and legal requirements which allows our customers to grow their business while being confident that the data management is done right.

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