We give you the tools to manage sensitive data,
you process it with confidence.

Developed with our values of trust, quality and privacy in mind, the Swiss-made middleware – – enables organizations to collect, store and use personal data to spark new and innovative projects, enhance existing services and improve consumers’ services.

Boost consumer engagement

In today’s world, the consumer plays a pivotal role in innovation. Consumers who are aware that their data is a valuable asset that can change lives are more willing to share their personal information. And using the data that they generate is one way to improve services and develop your business.

Pryv makes it possible for you to securely control and process the data you collect by providing a reliable middleware that allows you to build a relationship of trust with your consumers. This mutual trust results in greater data input and more material for your R&D team to work with.

Pryv product

Overcome legal hurdles

Data privacy regulations can make it challenging to build a tool that works the way you want it to. overcomes these obstacles with ease. Not only is our technology GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant, but it can also meet the standards and regulations established by governments around the world, as well as your organization’s internal policies. You can trust that will help you collect and manage sensitive data according to the legislation wherever you or your consumers are based.

Spark research & development

The path to business development is paved with real-world data. Once you have stored critical consumer data using your platform, you can use it to understand your consumers better and launch other products and services that will benefit them. Leveraging our unique expertise allows you to unlock the potential that aggregated data has to guide you to successful, powerful innovations that you can launch on a global scale.

Make it your own is designed to be used right out of the box, but it is also highly adaptable and, thanks to our privacy-by-design approach, it can be customized to meet your business’ needs. Its interoperability means that you can use it to share medical records in real-time, connect it to health apps or body sensors, link data across sources, and more. Beyond that, you can partner with third parties to design a user interface and user experience that gets consumers excited to use it.

Pryv product

Avoid development risk, save time and money

We are a Swiss company and our middleware is Swiss-made, that’s why we operate with Swiss efficiency. can be installed at your premises within a week and is ready to use just hours after installation is complete. Using our proprietary eHealth middleware will save your business 18 months of time and money when compared to developing a similar data management tool from scratch.

On top of that, our solution will facilitate the responsibilities your in-house team of IT, legal and marketing specialists has been tasked with. Our scalable technology is compliant with technical and legal requirements, allowing you to focus on growing your business while feeling confident that your data management is done right.

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