Data & Privacy,

At Pryv, we believe privacy reflects the ability to share and manage sensitive personal data with awareness. This data is the key to unlocking life-changing solutions.

Use data to drive

Pryv enables you to access and manage your consumers’ real-world data with confidence. You can then analyze and visualize what you’ve collected to generate new ideas.

Comply with
regulations globally

With its privacy-by-design approach, our software can ensure your product complies with data privacy regulations and healthcare legislation anywhere in the world.

Customize your

Our qualified back-end software runs behind the scenes of your system, and you can customize it to serve your needs exactly.

Reduce development
risk and save money

Our ready-to-use software tools are designed to accelerate your business with limited upfront expenses.

We made it simple to do with an innovative privacy-by-design software that has been developed based on years of firsthand experience, research, tests and analysis – the Swiss way.

Pryv’s GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant data management solution removes the biggest obstacles in healthcare innovation and empowers industries to evolve their products to improve our lives.

Meet our product

What our customers think

The more I work with medical #IoT platforms, the more I like @pryv – especially #P2P data sharing: simple, pragmatic & surprisingly powerful

Thomas Amberg
Founder @yaler

Beyond a software,
a solution.

Pryv’s software,, is used across a range of industries involved in personal data management and affected by privacy regulations. Businesses choose to work with Pryv because we enable them to collect and use consumer data to spark innovative business outcomes.

& CROs

Patient-centric platforms
RWE clinical trials
Patient-support programs

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Insurance and

Personalized insurance offers
IoT data-based prevention models
Risk profiling

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& clinics

Telemedicine and outpatient care
Real-time monitoring systems
Dynamic electronic patient records

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& IoMT

Connected medical devices
Remote monitoring systems

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Developing solutions

As a domain expert with a ready-to-use solution, Pryv serves as a trusted technology partner for IT and consulting companies. We provide a solid foundation in the form of a data and privacy management solution, they avoid development risk and save time and money.

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