Pryv makes compliance software for personal and health data.

Privacy control and consent management

Our turn-key privacy middleware helps organizations manage personal data from creation to use, sharing and disposal.

Packaged for rapid payback.

Pryv accelerates time to market, cuts IT development costs and speeds up connectivity to all data sources. The solution addresses the enhanced citizen’s right under GDPR and turns privacy compliance into a competitive advantage.


Faster implementation

Lower cost of ownership

Right the first time
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Solution positioning

Pryv on-premise middleware

Manages personal data from their creation to their storage, from their sharing to their deletion.

Guarantees compliance with existing and future regulations and provides audit reports.

Speeds up time to market and reduces the cost of innovation development.

Our clients can:

Stay focused on their core business and innovation projects.

Create value on top of solid foundations in terms ofdata privacy and protection.

Turn their investment in compliance into acompetitive advantage.

Solution overview is an extensible personal data lifecycle management platform specifically engineered to empower developers to rapidly create and scale breakthrough, GDPR compliant products, services and experiences.

  • Personal data lifecycle management
  • Dynamic consent management
  • Pre-built global compliance services
  • Ease of software integration and configuration
  • Seamless connectivity and interoperability
  • Out-of-the-box capability

What our customers think

We make health personal data aggregation, sharing and processing as effective, secure and trustworthy as online banking.

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