Data Model eHealth Project: Internship (Mandate)

Founded in 2012 in Lausanne, Switzerland, Pryv SA makes essential software for data-driven healthcare innovation. Our purpose-built middleware helps organizations manage personal data from creation to use, sharing and disposal.

You will work on a mission to modelize parameters for a smart and innovative e-mental health solution(the solution). The Parameters of the model are given on a definition table and they need to be reproduced under Pryv’s ontology of events and streams. The work also includes a documentation on how to use this data model. This will be used as reference to upload and retrieve data from Pryv’s middleware solution.

The solution is conformed by a wearable device, a mobile and web app, will enable patient assessment, risk detection, psychological training and social interaction and training, all through an intelligent system.


  • Translate the set of parameters for the project into Pryv’s data-model.
  • Create a guide on how to work with the created structure.


  • Experienced in data structuration (Excel, data-relations, classifications)
  • Knowledge in clinical studies
  • Minimal programming skills
  • Languages: English and/or French


  • Flexible working hours
  • Autonomy over schedule
  • An attractive remuneration package

Apply at:

Position Reference: DMI_CH