Startup Ticker: Pryv launches public beta of its personal logbook for the digital life

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Pryv enables users to visualize their digital life dynamically and with context. Pryv connects and unites apps in a personal logbook of life. The platform that guarantees privacy is also reaching out to the growing Quantified Self community.

Call it pictures, video, notes, records from Withings, Twitter, position, graphs, Pryv allows users to unite all this data from different apps and devices including Pryv iOS. The usercentric platform is open to third party apps through an open API and free backend and already connects some key services.

Visualize all your data aggregated into a single screen, contextualized and time specific. Pryv is a visual organization of the digital life. Users can extend and enrich their life streams by sharing selectively and including their relatives and friends, having common streams as in real life.

Pryv is serious about data protection and privacy. The HIPAA certified company allows users to select their data storage from 5 international locations.Based at EPFL, Pryv is privately funded and is now talking to investors. Pryv was shortlisted at the Websummit ‘13, Top 50 Swiss Startups in which to invest ‘14 and IMD eMBA startup selection ‘14.

The Swissamerican start-up launches its public beta on June 3rd, 2014. Register to beta:

source: Startup ticker, 4th June 2014