mHealth: Accelerate significant cost-cuts and risk profiling in a digital world.


Increase value and reduce risk by designing mHealth prevention products


Pryv allows you to design your own mHealth platforms where your customers will be able to collect & exchange any type of sensitive personal and health data, shortly integrate several apps and devices, visualize it in a user-friendly and contextualized way and deliver the right data set to the right people at the right time.




Count on customer-awareness to increase customer-engagement

Provide your customers with confidence: their data is managed in compliance with the local and international standards and certifications whereas their data ownership is defined in your Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Pryv eHealth Middleware is HIPAA privacy & security compliant and aimed to be CE Class 1 certified.




Test DaaS Business Models to forge added value and the best Customer Experience

Still working on your business model and product added value? Rely on us to provide you custom MVP platforms to test your customers’ behaviour and design added value with the best Cx products providing sustainable business models.



Win competitive advantage and launch on the market within days

Ready to provide your customers with innovative mHealth services? Rely on us to secure you with the technology addressing all technical and legal requirements and ready to be deployed within days.




Scale-up your products internationally

Pryv eHealth Middleware unique decentralized design makes it easy to comply with multiple healthcare legislations and policies and distribute your products boundless.



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