Keep your leadership on your ITC systems interfaces, hosting infrastructure and storage


Secure a compliant environment for your patients’ sensitive data

Pryv is HIPAA Privacy & HIPAA Security (& Swiss EPD) compliant. Its unique decentralized design makes it compatible with international compliance & standards, healthcare legislations and policies.



Imagine all your patients’ data segregation and ownership…

Pryv eHealth Middleware has a patient-centric structure. It provides a fine-grained control over data access permissions and sharing using a blockchain logic validation.

Full control can be given to the patient or a delegation of authority provided to the hospital or another stakeholder.




…in a way that data is organized per your needs, and securely shared in a simple yet powerful structure…

Pryv’s ontology allows you to collect & exchange any type of heterogenous data. Structure it into a contextualized atomic pieces structure ensuring interoperability between different IT systems, apps & devices.


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