Turning Real World Data in Real World Evidence


Show your capabilities, building your own compliant RWE digital platforms

Design your own digital health technologies for patient-side generated health data to achieve operational and cost efficiency, while gaining a deeper insight into the patient journey and treatment pathways



Deploy a solution highly adaptable to your business

Customize your RWE digital platform’s features according to what you agreed with your customers in remote or reduced visit studies allowing for patients’, clinical & sensitive data collection, contextualization, management, storage and distribution.

For any of your data-driven products’ design, Pryv provides you a customized set of ready-to-be used tools.





Link data across various sources to empower dynamic clinical trials effortlessly

Increase data reliability by collecting unlimited data sets relevant to your study. Our tools are designed to collect heterogenous data and ensure acceleration of your business with limited upfront expenses.





Benefit from a compliant secondary data usage

Pryv fine-grained data ownership and access right management, combined with the blockchain technology for data trials audit allows you to design custom Privacy Policies, T&Cs and Patient Consent Forms compliant with your internal policies, local and international Regulations.




Maximize return on investment, reduce overall costs. 

Determine outcomes based on much larger data samples and quickly transform real-world data sources into evidence to improve health outcomes and satisfy care-payers’ demands for cost-effective medicines.

Contact us to learn how to use a license of our swiss-made validated eHealth Middleware for:

– conducting digital health research projects

– next generation of clinical trials & researches

– validation of connected medical devices

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