• Pryv is ranked as one of the Top 5 HighTech growing companies in the Swiss Startup Summit on the 19th of April 2016

    By on April 20, 2016

    Pryv has been selected as a finalist to the HighTech category of the Swiss Startup Summit Showdown on the 19th of April.

    We were excited that our application has been chosen as one of the best for the HighTech Showdown.

    During the theme finale Pryv was ranked as one of the Top 5 HighTech growing companies.


  • «Aujourd’hui nous sommes compatible au niveau international…» avance Evelina Georgieva pour L’Agefi

    By on April 11, 2016
    Author: Tiago Pires, L’Agefi :
    “Dans l’immense pépinière de l’Innovation Park, une jeune pousse s’illustre cette semaine en rejoignant un club particulier.
    La solution logicielle de Pryv se destine aux sociétés qui ont besoin de développer leur propre solution cloud pour collecter et stocker des données médicales et personnelles.
    «Nous fournissons l’ensemble de l’ossature de notre système et nos clients développent tous les derniers aspects», met en avant Evelina Georgieva
    Les membres de la direction, représentés par le directeur général Pierre-Mikael Legris, concentrent leur message autour de la génération exponentielle de données. Et à ce titre, la nécessité d’apporter une lumière sur la protection et sur les indications de détention est désormais devenue fondamentale.
    Car plusieurs critères entrent en compte tels que le niveau de technicité du logiciel, les aspects légaux et technologiques du stockage ainsi qu’au niveau de la réglementation dans son ensemble.
    «Aujourd’hui nous sommes compatible au niveau international. Et ce récent partenariat nous renforce dans nos objectifs», avance Evelina Georgieva.”
    Link to the full article: here
  • Pryv joins Konica Minolta Leading Edge Partners community

    By on April 1, 2016

    Build the future with an industry leader in Europe

    Konica Minolta Business Incubation Centre (BIC) proposes ideas and shapes them collaboratively with others into commercialised businesses. It brings together academics, startups, more established companies and R&D functions of global enterprises to work together in shaping great ideas and products.

    The Leading Edge Community Ideas Platform gives the opportunity to observe, initiate and shape ideas on an open ideas management platform between Konica Minolta employees, clients and partners. The purpose the Leading Edge Partner Community is to discover and build working business prototypes in short timescales for the commercial benefit of the community and the wider world.
    Pryv is very much looking forward to a successful collaboration!


  • Pryv collaborates with Ericsson, Verizon, Orange, Detecon and BaseN to allow taking healthcare anywhere

    By on March 18, 2016

    Pryv was recently selected to join key market leaders to develop the next digital healthcare catalyst – Healthcare @Anywhere for the TM Forum 2016.

    The project pilot was presented in Nice in May 2016. More information can be found here:

    Check the project video here:


    TM Forum is the global industry association for digital business, connecting talented individuals, leading companies, and diverse ecosystems to accelerate our members’ successful digital business transformation. The collective experience and interests of our member community comprised of tens-of-thousands of professionals within 900+ market-leading organizations drives everything we do, from thought-provoking research and publications, to practical guidance, collaboration programs, tools and best practices, hands-on events, and training for business and IT leaders.

    TM Forum Smart Health themes include: taking healthcare to where the patient (or well person) is; telemedicine; remote monitoring; interoperability; privacy.

    Taking healthcare anywhere


    Catalyst Evangelist, TM Forum @tonypoulos



    Perhaps the most exciting outcome from the revolution in mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) is the effect both are having on healthcare. From the simplest apps and ‘wearables’ tracking exercise and diet to the remote monitoring of patients, the potential benefits are immense.

    The earliest use cases focused on delivering medical advice via mobile phones to far-flung outposts in the Philippines and Indonesia, in some cases even extending to remote surgery being carried out. Today we are seeing more and more mass-market uses being envisaged to help control the rising cost of healthcare, particularly for the aged.

    Over the past few years, a number of communications service providers (CSPs) and suppliers have been involved in TM Forum’s Digital Health Catalyst project, which aims to explore the ways they can collaborate with healthcare stakeholders to improve the end-user healthcare experience.

    Catalysts are rapid-fire, member-driven proof-of-concept projects which both inform and leverage TM Forum best practices and standards, connecting service providers, technology suppliers, and global enterprises to create innovative solutions to common industry challenges.

    The first use case developed in the Digital Health Catalyst project revolved around care at home – making sure that customers and healthcare providers could ensure quality of care by using IoT principles to better connect patients, their families, healthcare providers, insurance companies, government health agencies, and other stakeholders. The second phase expanded on this concept, leveraging data from connected devices to assess patient wellbeing and combat senior loneliness without intrusion into the patient’s life.


    The latest phase, termed Connected Care Anywhere, expands the scope of digital health services even further because healthcare isn’t just required in the home or hospital. Patients, healthcare and insurance providers, and other stakeholders need to be able to deliver the same quality of care even when the patient is out and about.

    There are two main roles in a Catalyst – champions (usually an organization seeking a solution to problem) and participants (organizations contributing to solving the problem). Verizon and Orange are the champions here, partnering with Ericsson (providing its Service Innovation Framework); BaseN (developers of scalable, inherently distributed and fault-tolerant IoT and spime platforms); Detecon (a leading management consulting company) and Pryv (experts in patient data privacy) as participants. Working together, these players create an agile, even accelerated environment to come up with a solution that everyone can benefit from.

    The Connected Care Anywhere Catalyst makes use of a digital ecosystem to expose functional and TM Forum APIs and demonstrate that it’s possible to marry health industry capabilities with communications services providers’ networks in order to significantly improve the quality of care and patient wellbeing. The Catalyst was demonstrated at TM Forum Live! 2016 in Nice, France, in May.

    The full article available here

    Photo credentials:

  • Touching Lives with Wearable Technology

    By on March 14, 2016

    Pierre-Mikael Legris and Pryv participate to the panel discussion ‘Touching Lives with Wearable Technology’ at the Wearable Technology Show in London. 16th March 10.30 on the Wearable Disrupt Mainstage. “Continuous monitoring focuses on the vital signs, sport, training service, identity authentication and detect invasion. Our experts discuss how to detect; ECG, breathing, gait analysis, body temperature, posture and medical health whilst ultimately looking at how bionics and other body medical innovations are helping to revolutionise lives.” Jon us during the day at the Swiss Pavilion.

  • “Connected Medical Device” event in UK starts Pryv expansion to the UK market

    By on March 14, 2016

    We are excited to share our experience and expertise in the digital healthcare domain and to establish our first Swiss-UK partnerships!


    Connected Medical Devices UK Swiss Partnership event London

  • Pryv is one of the selected 50 swiss start-ups to invest in (Bilan selection 2016)

    By on February 9, 2016


    Montant recherché : 1,6 millions de francs

    De la balance de votre salle de bain aux pacemakers, les dispositifs médicaux produisent quantité de données hétérogènes et donc difficiles à intégrer en dépit que cela améliorerait les diagnostics et la personnalisation des thérapies. Pryv a développé une plateforme qui collecte, conserve et distribue ces données tout en respectant les législations et la vie privée. La pharma  s’y intéresse pour ses essais cliniques et les medtechs pour lesquels c’est une base pour construire des applications de e-santé.

    Contact : Evelina Georgieva,

  • Les services à la personne – AlpICT Pierre-Mikael Legris, PrYv SA

    By on January 29, 2016

    Pierre-Mikael Legris (CEO, co-founder Pryv) presented Pryv technology and its applications in providing better healthcare services for AAL (Ambient Assisted Living ) during the conference “Alliance pour innover 10 ans” that took place on November 24th, 2015 at the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne.

    By following the link below you will access the presentation video.

    To receive further information on how Pryv technology can accelerate your AAL and eHealth projects, please contact us at

    Pryv Middleware supports better healthcare for elderly people at home Video link 


    Evelina Georgieva

  • Pierre-Mikael Legris (CEO, Pryv) for an interview for RTS: “Pryv: une start-up qui aide le patient à sortir de l’hôpital”

    By on November 25, 2015

    Pierre-Mikael Legris est ingénieur EPFL. A la sortie de ses études, il développe des logiciels en indépendant et a déjà créé une société. Bref, dans sa situation, on a la vie devant soi. Et elle se présente plutôt lumineuse… Mais en 2004, c’est le coup de tonnerre.

  • La bataille du poignet : c’est l’heure d’être connecté !

    By on November 24, 2015

    Pour fêter ses 10 ans, Alliance organise une journée spéciale sur le thème des poignets connectés. Quelques success stories de projets d’innovation seront également à l’honneur.

    • 13 h 30 – 14 h 30 Success stories Alliance

      • Alliance : 10 ans d’innovation au service des entreprises
        Catherine Jean, Conseillère en innovation, Alliance
      • Présentation du prix de l’innovation de l’Association Alliance
        Georges-Antoine Garret, Président de l’Association Alliance, Association Alliance
      • Pitchs des nominés du prix de l’innovation
        Entreprises membres de l’Association Alliance (Contexa SA, LN Industries SA, TESA SA) et entreprises start-ups (Scientific Visual SA, Cliris SA, Veovox SA)
      • Présentation des plateformes thématiques et des workshops
        Audrey Saumon, Coordinatrice programme NPR, CDEP-SO

      14 h 45 – 16h Workshops

      • Mesures physiologiques – BioAlps
        Animé par Pascale Van Landuyt (Alliance), avec Claude Joris (BioAlps), Josep Solà i Carós (CSEM SA), Prof. Sandro Carrara (EPFL), Benoit Mariani (Gait Up SA)
      • Les services à la personne – AlpICT
        Animé par Robert van Kommer (Alliance), avec Didier Mesnier (AlpICT), Prof. Jean Hennebert (HEIA-FR), Matteo Leonardi (Sensimed SA),Guillaume Du Pasquier (DomoSafety SA), Pierre-Mikael Legris (PrYv SA)
      • Conséquences énergétiques – CleantechAlps
        Animé par Philippe Nasch (Alliance), avec Eric Plan (CleantechAlps), Prof. Babak Falsafi (EPFL), Fabrice Roudet (Eaton Industries)
      • Basse consommation – Micronarc
        Animé par Claude Muller (Alliance), avec Danick Bionda (Micronarc), Prof. Jean-Dominique Decotignie (CSEM), Prof. Mario Dellea (HE-Arc), Thierry Melly (Semtech)

      dès 16 h Forum et networking : de l’idée au marché

      Stands de présentation de projets d’innovation développés en partenariat entre des entreprises et des laboratoires de recherche ayant abouti à une commercialisation.

      17 h La bataille des poignets : c’est l’heure d’être connecté !

      • Message d’accueil
        Adrienne Corboud Fumagalli, Vice-présidente innovation et valorisation, EPFL
      • Le poignet connecté : et ensuite ?
        Christian Simm, CEO, Swissnex San Francisco
      • Nouvelle normalité dans l’horlogerie suisse
        Claude Vuillemez, Directeur des produits horlogers, Richemont International SA

      18 h Table ronde

      Animée par Roland Luthier, Directeur d’Alliance, avec les deux conférenciers ci-dessus et trois invités:

      18 h 45 Remise du prix de l’Association Alliance

      Georges-Antoine Garret, Président de l’Association Alliance

      19 h Cocktail dînatoire


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