• The Healthcare Transformer- Pryv joins Startup Health Annual Festival & the JP Morgan Annual Investments Conference

    By on January 5, 2017

    Pryv is selected as a “leading global healthcare transformer” by the StartupHealth.

    Join us in San Francisco where the World’s Health Transformers Head to The StartUp Health Festival.

    We are excited and looking forward to great networking, experience and learnings during the parallel conferences JP Morgan Healthcare Annual Investment Conference and Biotech Showcase.

  • Qualified in Top 10 Digital Health growing European companies, Pryv goes to the European Venture Summit

    By on November 25, 2016

    We are honoured to receive the “best presentation award” and being ranked TOP 10 #DigitalHealth growing companies in Europe 

    img_1319by the Tech Tour after our presentation during the Digital Health Venture Forum which took place in Valencia (Spain) on the 25th and 26th of October 2016.

    As one of the finalist, we are pleased to join the 10th edition of The European Venture Summit - Europe’s leading network and investment event for high-growth technological start-ups, venture capital investors and technological corporations is taking place on 5-6 December 2016 in Düsseldorf.

    Ranked as high-tech entrepreneurs, we are looking forward to this incredible opportunity that will allow us to enhance Pryv growth across borders.

    The European Venture Summit will present 100+ innovative ICT, Life Sciences and Cleantech best companies from all over Europe to an international audience of investors, key  corporates and innovation experts.

    Pryv will be presented by Evelina Georgieva, Head of Business development and Founding Member of Pryv Medical Solutions.
    More information can be found here
  • Pierre-Mikael Legris will present during the Symposium “Le dossier électronique du patient dans la pratique: quels seront les changements au quotidien?”

    By on November 25, 2016

    Pierre-Mikael Legris as a patient representative and co-founder of Pryv SA will participate to the Symposium  “Le dossier électronique du patient dans la pratique : quels seront les changements au quotidien?” which will be held on Tuesday 6 December 2016, 9:00 – 12:50, at the Headquarters of the Swiss Post Wankdorfallee 4, Berne

    From a patient perspective, Pierre-Mikael will address and present the opportunities and challenges associated with the  EPD.

    The full event information is available here: publichealth_flyer_edp_fr

    Intro: Le dossier électronique du patient dans la pratique :quels seront les changements au quotidien ?

    The focus of the event is the upcoming in 2017 Federal Act for the Electronic Patient Records. Each citizen who is affiliated with the health insurance in Switzerland will now have the possibility to consult his medical data anywhere and at any time. The patient’s record may contain, for example, reports, laboratory data or X-rays. It is the patients who decide which data will be recorded and what taccess to this data will be given (who, when, which).

    During this Symposium, several months before the introduction of the electronic patient record, Public Health Switzerland would like to inform about the current state of implementation, with a focus on public health.

    It would be discussed if the easy and quick access to medical data will result in more effective, safer and better treatments, and what would be the changes that hospitals and medical practices must prepare.

    Furthermore, the discussion will focus on patients, who will have direct access to their medical data, and the important role that the media will play in introducing the patient’s electronic record.

    Frais de participation et Inscription: here


    Photo Credits: Sante Publique Suisse




  • Digital Health Venture Forum 2016 welcomes Pryv as one of the Top 40 of the best European early stage Digital health companies

    By on October 20, 2016

    Assessed on the basis of its business potential, product and technology merit, competitive position, investment or partnering interest, team experience and project profile quality, Pryv is ranked in Top 40 early stage Digital Healthcare Companies in Europe.

    The Selection and Ranking is performed by the Tech Tour.

    The Digital Health Venture Forum (DHVF) will take place on 25th of October in Valencia at the Las Naves venue.

    The Forum will focus on the following:

    Digital Health:

    1. Digital therapy, prevention and patient care, health data and analytics

    Digital therapy and patient engagement (treatment focus)

    • Digital Medicine/ Therapy
    • Engagement, Gamification, Incentives
    • Health Social Platforms / Patient Communities (Patient/ Disease Focus)

    Health Data & Analytics (Health Decision Support)

    • Cross Platform & Device Data Aggregation
    • Health Data Analytics Platform
    • Genomic Data & Analytics
    1. Digital enabled healthcare delivery, telehealth and connected devices

    Sensors & connected devices (tracking & Dx)

    • Wearables, Sensors, and Connected Devices
    • Mobile Health Solutions & Apps
    • Qualified Self Platforms (Wellness Focus)

    Digitally Enabled Healthcare Delivery, Remote & Telehealth (Connecting Patients & healthcare)

    • Telemedicine / Remote- or Teleconsultations
    • Consumer – Healthcare Provider Interactivity & Data Exchange
    • Consumer facing Life Sciences IT (Clinical Trials)
    1. Social care, provision, innovation and inclusion
    • Chronic (diseases) care, services & support
    • Benefits management, provision and support
    • Healthy ageing and care to the elderly
    • Digital support to citizens with reduced mobility
    1. Food, nutrition, sports and well-being
    • Food monitoring of quality and origin
    • Nutrition data and digital services
    • Sports and activity digital platforms
    • Other digital platforms and services for well being


  • Alpine High-tech Venture Forum ranks Pryv among the best high growth companies

    By on October 20, 2016

    The Alpine High-tech Venture Forum (AHVF) is an unique event for the most innovative entrepreneurs operating in Switzerland and its surrounding regions focussed on Life Sciences, Clean Technology and Information Technology to meet and present themselves to active international investors and corporations seeking for  investment and partnerships.

    AHVF is hosted by Canton de Vaud  and is at its fifth edition. It plays an important role in the promotion of the dynamic and innovative professional entrepreneurs within the Alpine area. It also promotes the venture capitalists in the Alpine area and the rest of Europe to support their partnerships and investments.

    Pryv among the best high growth companies
    40 early-stage companies active in the high technology sectors were selected to present at the Forum by the Selection Board, who will assess them on the basis of their business potential, technology merit, competitive position, investment interest and  team experience.

  • MEDUDEM AG and Pryv SA team up to jointly develop a next generation eHealth solutions

    By on October 5, 2016

    Zurich and Lausanne – Switzerland, 05.10.2016.

    MEDUDEM AG and Pryv SA announced a strategic partnership to jointly develop a next generation eHealth solution that supports people living with chronic diseases.


    The goal of this collaboration is to bring value to all stakeholders in healthcare including life science companies and insurers. The joint partnership aims to improve health outcomes by enhancing the collaboration and communication among health care organizations and patients, and by facilitating access to data driven decisions.


    About MEDUDEM AG:

    MEDUDEM AG is a Zurich based Swiss company in the digital health care sector that focuses on the improvement of collaboration and communication of all participants involved around chronic diseases with its readily available, IHE compatible, mobile and web-based solutions Care Integrator® and Healthbrain®.


    About Pryv SA:

    Pryv, a Lausanne based Swiss company, is specialised in sensitive and health data management. Pryv develops and licenses trusted eHealth Data Middleware solutions to empower Medtech, Pharma, Life-Science and other healthcare related organisations to deploy their innovative eHealth solutions with confidence, reduced time and IT expenses.

    Pryv OEM eHealth Middleware,, is hot pluggable and scalable, it enables effortless collection, structuring, storage and segregation of heterogeneous data (personal, health, medical, clinical and environmental) while ensuring medical-grade security, data interoperability, legal and compliance adaptability.


    Commenting on the announcement, Pryv Founder and CEO Pierre-Mikael Legris said, “We are pleased to partner with MEDUDEM AG, Pryv is excited that our Patient Service Oriented Architecture (POA) will be proposed on Medudem’s premium services. Combining our strengths will accelerate the Industry recognition of our expertise in EHealth Data Compliance Management and enable Swiss Health Professionals to gain an efficient access to health information and share it with privacy with their patients suffering from chronic diseases.”
    Urs Wittwer, founder and CEO of MEDUDEM AG added: “Through this cooperation our customers and patients will vastly benefit as the integration of mobile devices will become a lot easier. It will facilitate access to important health and benefits-related information and support clinical decisions. It will aid remote patient monitoring and empower patients to take a more proactive role in managing their health.”

    Contact Pryv: Evelina Giorgieva, Pryv SA, Innovation Park Building D, EPFL, 1015 Lausanne.


    Contact MEDUDEM: Urs Wittwer, MEDUDEM AG, Räffelstrasse 28, 8045 Zürich.


  • Pryv participates to CPhI | Mix with the world of Pharma products, people & solutions

    By on October 3, 2016

    Pryv shares its vision and technology to support Pharma and CROs in their digital success

    CPhI is an established pharmaceutical event with over 26 years’ experience of bringing together the movers and shakers in pharma.

    Uniting niche and top buyers and sellers together under one roof innine event locations around the world, CPhI hosts quality conferences,free seminars, Awards and even pharma community charity expeditions!

    The CPhI Community is comprised of all job functions throughout thepharma supply chain. You can exhibit, sponsor, speak at or simply join thousands of your fellow colleagues to visit the events.

    Select the geographical event regions most desirable to you, or with the suppliers and speakers that best meet your pharma business needs.

    Join the #cphifamily today.

  • Pryv accelerates the development of better products for elderly during Aging Well Hackathon

    By on September 22, 2016

    Pryv supports the Swiss Aging Well Hackathon

    Hack for Ageing Well is a 32 hour event for developing ideas in a creative, interdisciplinary environment: with a focus on teamwork, design thinking and prototyping. Put yourself and your team to the test, get coached and reviewed by a panel of international experts and potential users of your future product, learn new skills, bring the best ideas forward! (First time at a hackathon? README) To work on a start-up idea, study or visualise vital questions, or to learn in a hands-on way: join us at STARTFELD St.Gallen on September 25 and 26, 2016. Attendance is free, and registration is requiredCheck out

    Do you want to be a winner at the Hack for Ageing Well 2016?

    Save time and Risk during the development stage, by using

    Pryv SA, a Lausanne based swiss company, is specialised in sensitive and health data management.

    Our customizable OEM eHealth Middleware,, enables effortless collection, structure, storage and segregation of patients' heterogeneous data (personal, health, medical, clinical, environmental, etc) while ensuring medical-grade security, data interoperability, legal and compliance adaptability.

    The back-end solution is used by Medtech, Pharma, Research companies, organizations and innovation departments to deploy their eHealth projects, devices and applications and distribute them to multiple markets in compliance with all the technical and legal requirement with reduced risk, time and IT resources.

  • Come and visit us at the next Medtech Innovation Event in Biel on the 5th of September.

    By on August 26, 2016
  • Pryv shares how to use Blockchain to validate the data from IoT medical devices

    By on August 11, 2016

    Pryv is excited to be invited as a speaker and to share how its swissmade eHealth Middleware addresses in an innovative way the IT &Regulatory healthcare challenges- by using Blockchain to validate the data from IoT medical devices .

    The Innovation World Cup Conference is coming to Switzerland again – on the 21st of September @Microcity! The day will be a great mixture of some of the biggest tech companies in the world as well as up-and-coming Swiss companies showcasing their innovations in the field of Internet of Things, M2M Communications and wearables. Among the companies represented in Neuchâtel are STMicroelectronics – the world leading provider of semiconductor solutions, Telit – the global leader in Internet of Things enablement, Gemalto – the world leader in digital security, Cicor – one of the leading companies for microelectronics and electronics solutions, and BSH (Bosch Group) – the largest home appliance manufacturer in Europe as well as one of the global industry leaders.

    This makes a very exciting and intriguing agenda which you can find here:

    And co-organizer CSEM is inviting you to network with drinks and snacks after the conference.

    20160623 IWC Conference 2016 Neuchatel Agenda_updated

    Conference starts:                              01:00 p.m.

    Event location:


    Rue de la Maladière 71

    2000 Neuchâtel


    Conference ends:                                06:00 p.m.

    The conference is free of charge. For you registration please click here:

    See you in NEUCHÂTEL!

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